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EZI-action Drum Pumps

EZI-action Drum Pumps provide an easy method of dispensing a wide range of liquids from 5-gallon containers to 55-gallon drums, including strong acids, alkalis, mild solvents, and lubricants.

Note: Not to be used with highly flammable liquids, strong solvents or gasoline.

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Optional Color-Coded Safety Straps

All EZI-action Drum Pumps feature a white safety strap, which locks the pump handle in the closed position to prevent accidental discharge of liquids when not in use. Optional color-coding safety straps (sold separately) are also available. When used in conjunction with fluid transfer containers, such as Spectrum Oil Containers, drum pumps help minimize the risk of fluid cross-contamination and ensure the right lubricant is added to the right piece of equipment.


Three Sizes Available

EZI-action Drum Pumps are available in three different sizes to fit 5-gallon pails, 15- and 30-gallon containers, and 55-gallon drums.

Additional Features

Ease of Use

Each EZI-action Drum Pump is supplied with the appropriate adapters for quick and easy installation.

No Fluid Waste
Sits on the base of the container to eliminate waste
Continuous Fluid Flow
Pumps fluid on both the "up" and "down" strokes

Patented zero-friction design provides effortless flow of viscous fluids up to 8,800 cps

No Wearing Parts

Contains only two moving parts

Durable Construction

The pumps are ruggedly constructed with polypropylene and polyethylene to perform in hostile conditions.

Other Specs

Model Description For Use With
36980 Ezi-action Drum Pump 15-55 Gallon Containers
36981 Ezi-action Drum Pump 15-30 Gallon Containers
36982 Ezi-action Drum Pump 5-6 Gallon Containers