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Absorbent Perforated Rolls

Absorbent Perforated Rolls are ideal for leaks, drips, and overspray that cover a large area. These lint-free rolls will not contaminate your equipment and are tough enough for foot traffic.

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Additional Features

Three versions are available: oil-only rolls that absorb oil and other hydrocarbon products and the universal and camouflage rolls that absorb oil, coolants, solvents, and water. The camouflage design aides in hiding grime.
Perforated every 30” for quick, easy tearing to take as much material as needed at once.
Fast Absorbency

The dimple pattern speeds wicking of liquid throughout the pad and creates a durable construction that prevents tearing.

Other Specs

Model Description Absorbent Type Size Pkg Size Absorbency/Pkg Pkg Weight
30178 Medium-Weight Roll Universal 30"W x 150'L 1 Roll 38 gal 27 lbs
30181 Medium-Weight Roll Oil Only 30"W x 150'L 1 Roll 50 gal 33 lbs
30183 Heavy-Weight Roll Camouflage 30"W x 150'L 1 Roll 52 gal 35 lbs