Color-Coded Grease Gun Bands

Color-Coded Grease Gun Bands

Two very common problems of grease mismanagement are cross contamination and lubricant misapplication. Too often the wrong grease is put into the wrong piece of equipment, which can dramatically shorten bearing life. Grease guns should be labeled to identify the type of grease to be used with each gun. Trico’s color-coding grease gun bands simplifies this process. By using the grease gun bands and documenting your color-coding scheme technicians are aware of the type of grease in each gun.


Color-coded grease guns bands slide over standard grease guns and do not slip after being installed. Color-code grease guns to match grease fitting caps and/or washers on machinery to avoid cross-contamination and misapplication of grease. Color-coded grease guns bands are sold individually and are available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and black. Made from Buna-N material.
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Model No.DescriptionColorMaterial
37036Grease Gun BandYellowBuna-N
37037Grease Gun BandGreenBuna-N
37038Grease Gun BandRedBuna-N
37039Grease Gun BandBlueBuna-N
37044Grease Gun BandPurpleBuna-N
37056Grease Gun BandOrangeBuna-N
37126Grease Gun BandBlackBuna-N

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