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Spectrum Grease Fitting Washers

Too often the wrong grease is put into the wrong piece of equipment, which can cause an incompatibility problem and quickly lead to bearing failure. Avoid cross-contamination and misapplication with Spectrum Grease Fitting Washers. Spectrum Grease Fitting Washers, when used in combination with Spectrum Grease Gun Bands, ensure you are receiving the right product in the right amount at the right location.

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Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management System

The washers are part of the Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management System that uses color-coding to ensure the correct grease is used in the right piece of equipment and in the proper location. Colored identifiers are assigned to designated greases, which allows for a tagging system to be deployed throughout the Journey of the Lubricant. From the point of storage to the point of application, the operator will know which designated grease is to go to each specific grease point.

Additional Features


Available in six colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple


Available in two sizes to fit 1/8 NPT or 1/4-28 grease fittings


Each color sold in packs of 10


Made from Buna-N

Other Specs

Model Description Grease Fitting Size Color
37028 Grease Fitting Washer 1/4-28 Yellow
37029 Grease Fitting Washer 1/4-28 Green
37030 Grease Fitting Washer 1/4-28 Red
37031 Grease Fitting Washer 1/4-28 Blue
37032 Grease Fitting Washer 1/8 NPT Yellow
37033 Grease Fitting Washer 1/8 NPT Green
37034 Grease Fitting Washer 1/8 NPT Red
37035 Grease Fitting Washer 1/8 NPT Blue
37042 Grease Fitting Washer 1/4-28 Purple
37043 Grease Fitting Washer 1/8 NPT Purple
37059 Grease Fitting Washer 1/4-28 Orange
37060 Grease Fitting Washer 1/8 NPT Orange

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