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Grease Meter

It is difficult to grease a bearing with the right amount of grease with a grease gun. Most bearings are given too much or too little grease, causing a shortening of bearing life, costly breakdowns, and stoppages. The Grease Meter measures the amount of grease dispensed from the grease gun to the equipment bearing. A simple push of a button will set the meter to zero and the metering can start, and the amount of grease dispensed is displayed on a digital screen.

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Versatility & Calibration

The grease meter can be mounted to any grease gun and calibrated for different grease types, so it's up for any job you have for it.

Additional Features

Digital Screen

Display grease dispensed in cubic centimeters, grams, ounces, or fluid ounces.

Backlit Display

The backlit LCD displays large easy-to-read digits, including low batter indication.


Precise measurement and control of grease delivery

Other Specs

Model Description Housing Material

Grease Meter

Anodized Aluminum