Industrial Fast Funnel

Industrial Fast Funnel

Trico’s Industrial Fast Funnels® are the simple, convenient and clean way to pour fluids into containers and equipment. Intended for one-time use, each funnel remains clean and compact until separated from the header and opened. Made of coated, heavy grade paper stock, they can be used with most lubricants and liquids and are designed to fit a wide variety of orifices as small as ¾” in diameter.

With Trico’s Industrial Fast Funnel there’s no clean up…just throw the used funnel away. And since you always have a new funnel ready for use contamination is virtually eliminated. 


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Model No.DescriptionFunnel SizeQuantity
36990Fast Funnel - (12) 3 packsStandardInterpack
36991Fast Funnel - (12) 3 packsLargeInterpack
36992Fast Funnel - (288) 3 packsStandardCase
36993Fast Funnel - (144) 3 packsLargeCase

Industrial Fast Funnel

  • Improves safety and efficiency by preventing spills on floors and equipment
  • Available in two convenient sizes, standard and large
  • Easily stores and remains clean in any toolbox, cabinet, pocket, etc.
  • Conveniently packaged in handy three-packs
  • Simply tear off, pop open, and pour

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