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Free Oil Sample Analysis Lubricology

Get a Free Oil Sample Analysis to See What Deeper Insight Can Do

Regular oil sampling and analysis is essential to predicting and preventing problems and optimizing equipment performance.

To make the greatest impact, however, Trico believes in going deeper than typical oil analysis services. Experience the difference by requesting your complimentary oil analysis today. We’ll explore all factors of lubricant and machine performance, including how well suited the lubricant formula is for the application and environment, as well as its condition in receiving, storage and service.

For more on the introductory sample analysis process, download the handout below.

Oil Analysis Process Handbook

Let’s Take a Closer Look at Your Oil

First, we’ll help you take good samples. After completing our analysis, we’ll walk you through a detailed report and provide advice about:

Lubricant Fit  Is it up to the challenges of the machine and the environment? Or would a different formulation work better, based on your equipment data and comparisons with similar situations?

Lubricant Contamination – Is there water or particulate ingression? It’s the single biggest threat.

Lubricant Effectiveness – Viscosity and acidity are key factors, as is the status of the additive package. Has it been depleted?

Equipment Diagnostics – What’s the nature of a problem? Can it be fixed?

Fault Detection – Does abnormal wear or another issue suggest a looming threat?

Failure Prognosis – Does the machine need to be repaired or replaced?

Postmortem Analysis – What caused the failure, and how can you avoid it next time?

Yes – Start My Complimentary Oil Analysis

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