Trico, and international lubrication management company, was chosen for the case study based on the implementation of the PowerEdge-VRTX server system.

Trico recently implemented Dell’s new PowerEdge VRTX system to consolidate 9 physical servers including, increased storage capacity, additional networking capabilities, and redundancy while reducing the overall footprint and energy need of the system. The advantage for Trico is this new technology allows all the components to reside in the same chassis controlled by Dell’s proprietary CMC software, speeding up data flow and potentially saving thousands of dollars in energy costs every year.

Trico is an international business that has robust connectivity requirements. Trico’s customers are mission critical in that downtime can be devastating to margins. Serving those customers reliably requires highly reliable systems. Uptime and redundancy were criteria for the project and Trico feels that the Dell PowerEdge VRTX system can deliver both very well. This new product allows for Trico to perform oil analysis and customer quoting duties in less time, which equates to better results to customers.

A video was created by Dell to enhance the study, making it easy to share with other firms who have similar needs for more powerful, yet compact infrastructure. Both the study and video can be viewed online:

The Report

The Video



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