Wear Particle (Ferrography) Analysis Training Class

Wear Particle (Ferrography) Analysis course is designed to provide attendees with a working knowledge of Ferrographic Analysis and its relationship to used lubricant analysis. Attendees will work side-by-side with an analyst in a hands-on, practical, and personalized learning forum.

  • Learn proven techniques to effectively maintain your equipment
  • Hands-on, practical training that can be implemented at your facility
  • Gain proven strategies for increasing machine availability
  • Discover the secrets to running a world class oil analysis program
  • Create a strategic proactive plan for your maintenance practices
Course Focus
  • Particle Type
  • Contamination
  • Gain proven strategies for increasing machine availability
  • Discover the secrets to running a world class oil analysis program
  • Create a strategic proactive plan for your maintenance practices

Fine-tune your equipment condition analysis skills while you perform tests on up to 10 of your own samples, from the initial testing all the way to the final analysis. This dynamic learning session will help you uncover real world issues, allowing you to order maintenance procedures as soon as you return to your plant.

Once you observe abnormal wear particles, wear debris, and contamination firsthand under a microscope, you will get the full flavor of the power of oil analysis. You will be able to differentiate between the various abnormal wear particle types to better help pinpoint where the wear is occurring in the unit. Wear Particle (Ferrography) Analysis will complete your training as a machine condition analyst. It will hone your skills, enhance your ability to diagnose equipment problems, and empower you to make smart decisions based on real data.

To maximize your learning experience, we encourage you to bring up to 10 oil samples (can be new and/or used), any historical testing information or trended data, equipment information and operating environment details for each equipment for real life case study discussions.

Attendees will:
  • Learn how to effectively use an optical microscope
  • Learn Analytical Ferrography techniques and how they apply to equipment conditions
  • Expand on your wear mechanics knowledge
  • Perform Analytical Ferrography on samples and differentiate between normal and abnormal wear
  • Incorporate Direct Reading results with Analytical Ferrography and come up with a realistic visualization of the condition of the unit being tested
  • Be able to rate their equipment and make intelligent next-step recommendations
  • Learn how to determine whether particle type, size and the amount of particles are detrimental to the equipment being analyzed
  • Uncover the secrets to identifying abnormal wear
  • Discover practical applications for each test and run each test

This course will help you analyze used oil analysis reports, interpret the test results, make effective decisions, and correct equipment issues before they become a problem. It will teach you to think like a machine condition analyst and will help you become the onsite used lubricant testing analyst expert at your facility.

Tuesday – Thursday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm Each day will include laboratory testing, analysis utilizing the latest technology, course instruction and group discussion. Attendees will receive hands on training to identify:

  • Particle Type
  • Abnormal Wear and Wear Debris
  • Contamination Type
  • Red Oxides and Sand
  • Lubricant Condition
  • Equipment Condition
  • And More

We recommend you bring any previous testing information or trended data to the course for real life case study discussions. Bring up to 10 samples of your own to analyze in the course. A certificate of completion will be provided to each attendee. This certificate can be submitted to a certifying organization and may apply toward credits for certification or re-certification. 3-Day course  $1,295 USD, includes continental breakfast, lunch, and course manual.

Wildwood Lodge

N14W24121 Tower Place

Pewaukee, WI 53072

Phone: 262.506.2000


Holiday Inn

N14W24140 Tower Place

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Milwaukee Marriot West

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Phone: 262.574.0888

September 12-14, 2023

Trico Corporation

1235 Hickory Street

Pewaukee, WI 53072

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