Ray Dalley  -  One of Tricos Trainers has 30 years experience in the lubrication industry. Noted in the ASM handbook and also acknowledged as the father of modern ferrography.

Ray Dalley – One of Tricos Trainers has 30 years experience in the lubrication industry. Noted in the ASM handbook and also acknowledged as the father of modern ferrography.

Success in many roles and industries is all about training and having the information needed to put that training to use. Employees who are not well trained are often costing you money in mistakes, lack of productivity, and machine failures.

Training programs in lubrication management end up on the chopping block because the cost of the training isn’t budgeted for. Maintainers often make up for it in waste, re-work, and lost productivity.
Training programs lag because it’s hard to put real ROI on sitting through a training program and even with certifications at the end, the benefits can be slow to develop. The truth is they don’t have to be.

The Advanced Machine Condition Analysis Training program which provides a deep level of content has revolutionized the maintenance of critical equipment by teaching maintainers to see inside the equipment via the oil samples, learning to identify the wear debris that is in the lubricant, and degrading the surfaces inside the equipment.
Specifically the advanced training teaches you to find the root causes of the failure, before it happens. This gives maintainers the edge in the field with the ability to schedule and prioritize maintenance operations before failures, not after. The training is quantified by the ability to reduce critical equipment downtime, in many cases to zero.

The Lean Lubrication training that Trico provides can change your bottom line long term by providing best practices for lubrication management, which leads to long term savings in productivity. When managers and vendors are required to do more with less, it’s hard to find areas that have a larger impact to the bottom line than proper lubrication management. I’ve highlighted two specific programs that Trico offers because they are asked for most often by companies who hear stories of success.

So if you lost $150,000 in revenue to downtime last year and zero after the training, the training was worth $150,000 right? Well not exactly but definitely a good portion of the savings should be attributed to the training, after all the uptime was based on better maintenance procedures in addition to being able to schedule machine maintenance vs. having the machine fail when it should be in production.
At the end of the day if you are losing time and/or revenue each year to maintenance related downtime, consider a training with Trico to re-establish a regime of best practices within your facility that will no doubt be worth every penny and much more.

Trico Lubrication Management Training Programs

When you consider where your team might be in lubrication management knowledge and practices, understand that Trico’s team of trainers will share an average of 25 years of experience with you. They do this as a method to prove their expertise and steer your company on a path that might lead to better productivity, higher levels of up-time, and better resource management. Our best customers on the product side come from training classes, because companies improve bottom lines by reducing costs. Isn’t that what we’ve all been asked to do? More…with less.

Trico has a series of training events scheduled:

One Day Training
Advanced Machine Condition Training



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