Effective Oil Analysis

Effective Oil Analysis TrainingEffective Oil Analysis Training Seminar is geared towards individuals who have regular contact with the equipment in their facility, as well as those who have influence over the condition of lubricants and hydraulic fluids in use.  These individuals will be directly involved in their company’s oil sampling program and may be required to routinely troubleshoot lubricant related problems identified by oil analysis reports and field lubricant inspections.

Topics covered in this seminar include the “Best Practices” methods for:  installation of sampling hardware, securing consistent, representative oil samples and preparing them for analysis, conditions of improper or degraded lubricant, creation of corrective measures, machine condition through oil analysis, and new oil delivery inspections and procedures. Prime candidates for this training include individuals with titles of oiler, lube technician, lubricator, PM or PdM technician, millwright, reliability technician, etc.


  • Improve oil sampling methods with emerging technologies
  • Improve machine condition and reliability with oil analysis
  • Increase the remaining useful life of your lubricant
  • Reduce maintenance costs associated with unplanned downtime

Course Focus

  • Lubricant Roles and Functions
  • Oil Analysis and Maintenance Strategies
  • Oil Sampling Methods and Methodology
  • Lubricant Health Monitoring
  • Lubricant Contamination Measurement and Control
  • Wear Debris Monitoring Analysis
  • Hydraulic Fluids Selection and Maintenance
  • Machine Condition through Oil Analysis