Basic Machine Condition Analysis

Basic Machine Condition Analysis TrainingBasic Machine Condition Analysis is a dynamic three-day course focusing on used oil and equipment analysis testing and reporting by utilizing a completely new approach.  Participants will be trained hands-on, as analyst.  You will analyze up to five of your own samples for lubricant and equipment condition.  Lubricant condition tests will be performed to determine the vitality of the lubricant. Typical lubricant condition tests include: viscosity, FT-IR, RDE, Spectroscopy, and crackle. You will learn the practical theory of each test and why it is performed on a lubricant. In addition, you will analyze your samples under an optical microscope with the instructor and rate the equipment condition based on the test data analysis.


  • Become skilled at distinguishing and discriminating between which type of test is a “screening” test and what test is an “action” test
  • Learn the capabilities and limitations for each test
  • Rate the lubricant and equipment condition based on the test data and analysis
  • Learn the basics of wear mechanics
  • Learn how Direct Reading Ferrography correlates to Analytical Ferrography

Course Focus

  • Spectral Analysis
  • Water Analysis
  • Oil Oxidation Analysis
  • Viscosity Analysis
  • Fuel Dilution Analysis
  • Ferrous Wear Debris
  • Nonferrous Wear Particles
  • Course Fees