Sensei Your Option

Many companies today are using IIoT to their advantage especially during COVID-19 pandemic and it will continue to boom afterwards. That’s why applying IIoT and accessing the data has the potential to give your facility a significant edge.  

Think of the possibilities. IIoT is capable of monitoring, collecting and transmitting all kinds of data regarding machine performance. In the case of lubrication, parameters could include temperature, oil level and more. This could help you: 

  • Identify machines that need attention  
  • Uncover trends 
  • Anticipate failure risks 
  • Benchmark and track 

In other words, IIoT could go a long way toward instilling a greater sense of confidence within your facility. So, how do you become more data driven with IIoT?  

Sensei is the Next Step! 

Explore the possibilities and see how it might help you and your facility by watching the short video and then downloading the brochure.

What Can You Monitor?

Find out by playing in the Sensei Sandbox, your real-time data dashboard. Fill out the form for access to the dashboard and get a sense of how Sensei’s wireless monitoring can help your facility. Complete the form below and let us know how you like to get started!