The modern luberoom has built in functionality that assists maintainers in delivering the right lubricant in the right condition to equipment, critical or not. Using simple tools can go a long way to being able to bring your lube room up to world class standards.

Spectrum Oil Storage System

Spectrum Oil Storage System

When designing a new lube room or enhancing an existing one, we will:
• Investigate the logistics and space constraints
• Assess the environment and surrounding area
• Outline safety protocol
• Determine oils that need to be filtered, dispensed and stored
• Determine the appropriate dispensing equipment needed
• Set-up lubricant identification with labeling and color coding
• Outline lubricant disposal
• Discuss other possible non-standard requirements of the lube room

You may understand that lubricants are not always delivered in the best condition possible, and more often than not these containers are full of contaminants from cold storage and/or transportation. Knowing is not enough? Best practices in lubrication management require you to do something.

Oil Transfer Containers

Spectrum Containers are a great way to safely store and transfer lubricants.

Looking at the process of storing bulk lubricants can have a positive impact. The lubricant comes into your facility in a container that’s been stored outdoors for who knows how long, moisture infiltrates the container through the smallest of spaces. Inside that moisture there are often particulates. Utilizing a filter cart in bringing your inbound lubricant to start from a good quality standpoint is a best practice in lubrication management. From there you have to put this lubricant in clean and accessible storage. Lubrication best practices can be found in the color coding of storage so that the same lubricant goes in the same container every time. There are many storage options to choose from. The Spectrum system includes storage tanks, breathers, desiccants, and dispensing spouts which can all be color coded which ensures your lubricant gets to the correct machine. Dispensing is the next opportunity for failure in the chain, by cross contaminating oils, using dirty containers, or even worse. The spectrum system continues as with any good lubrication dispensing solution in color coded containers which are ergonomically designed to be useful and come in a number of sizes from 2 gallons up to 4 gallons. These color coded containers always have the same lubricant in them, avoiding cross contamination. The sealed lids also avoid fallout from environmental particulates during transfer. The spectrum line includes several upgrades as well, you can find these on our storage systems page. A functional lube room also includes some oil matting which absorbs any spilling, and keeps areas safe for foot travel, as well as funnels for accurately pouring lubricants into machines.
Lube rooms also could contain some grease guns for manual greasing. The grease guns get bands which are a low tech, low cost, device which assures you will put the correct grease in the equipment every time.
These simple solutions can become a huge part of extending the life of your lubricant and keeping the internal systems of your equipment free from moisture as well as particulate infestation.
Trico has experts on hand who can help by discussing setting up your new luberoom. Contact us to start to add best practices to your lubrication management.



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