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Extreme Humidity Desiccant Breather Replacement Cartridges

These Replacement Cartridges are used with Watchdog Extreme Humidity Desiccant Breathers. When the orange silica gel has turned dark green, remove the reusable top cap from the desiccant cartridge, dispose of the spent dark green desiccant cartridge, and then use the same top cap with a replacement cartridge.

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Visual Indication

When maximum adsorption is reached the silica gel turns from orange to dark green, indicating replacement is needed. The silica gel used is chemically inert, non-corrosive, and does not contain cobalt chloride, a heavy metal. The color changing dye used is environmentally safe and meets all health and safety requirements.

Other Specs

Model Description Replacement For
39217 Replacement Cartridge 39110
39218 Replacement Cartridge 39111
39219 Replacement Cartridge 39112
39220 Replacement Cartridge 39141
39222 Replacement Cartridge 39114
39310 Replacement Cartridge 39113

Desiccant Breathers