Watchdog Oilers

Watchdog Oilers

The Watchdog Oiler is designed for bearing housings, gear boxes, and other oil sump lubrication applications. It is ideal for use in the chemical processing, power generation, pulp and paper, and utility industries. The viewport provides visual indication of lubricant level and condition. Mounted on the centerline of the desired oil level, these constant level oilers do not require any adjustment or level setting.


  • Closed system design prevents contamination and spillage
  • No vent line to pump bearing housing required, simplifying installation
  • Mounts on centerline of desired oil level, and does not require adjustment or level setting
  • Integral viewport eliminates need for additional component

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Instruction Sheets




Model No.DescriptionMaterialConnectionWire GuardCapacityA Dim (in)B Dim (in)C Dim (in)
31804Watchdog OilerPolysulfone Body and Reservoir1 NPTNo4 oz5-3/43-9/321
31818Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir1/2 NPTNo4 oz6-1/44-1/81/2
31820Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir3/4 NPTNo4 oz6-1/43-1/43/4
31821Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir1 NPTNo4 oz6-1/43-1/41
31822Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir3/4 BSPTNo4 oz6-1/44-1/83/4
31823Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir1 BSPTNo4 oz6-1/43-1/41
31824Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir3/4 NPTYes4 oz6-1/23-3/83/4
31825Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir1 NPTYes4 oz6-1/23-3/81
31826Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir3/4 BSPTYes4 oz6-1/24-1/83/4
31827Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir1 BSPTYes4 oz6-1/23-3/81
31828Watchdog OilerAluminum Body, Glass Reservoir1/2 NPTYes4 oz6-1/24-1/81/2
31831Watchdog Oiler316 Stainless Steel Body, Glass Reservoir1 NPTNo4 oz6-1/43-1/41
31833Watchdog Oiler316 Stainless Steel Body, Glass Reservoir1 NPTYes4 oz6-1/23-3/81


Type Aluminum Body Thermoplastic Body Stainless Steel Body
Body Cast Aluminum Polysulfone Stainless Steel
Reservoir Glass Polysulfone Glass
Viewport Glass Polysulfone Glass
Max. Operating Temp 325°F/160°C 325°F/160°C 325°F/160°C
O-Ring Viton® Viton® Viton®

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