Watchdog Breather Adapters

Watchdog Breather Adapters

Watchdog Desiccant Breathers are easily installed using one of several adapters designed for different applications.

The Bypass Adapter (39207) is designed for applications where there is very heavy oil mist being expelled from the equipment. When air is breathed into the equipment, it passes through the Watchdog® and is cleaned and dried. When the air is breathed out of the equipment it enters the adapter and is expelled to the outside without passing back through the breather. This protects the breather from oil contamination.


The Watchdog Breather Adapters are used with the Watchdog Desiccant Breathers and Watchdog EX Series Breathers products that are used to prevent the entry of moisture and particulate contamination into industrial equipment. The Watchdog Breather Adapters are used to quickly and easily install the Watchdog Breather family to different types of applications.

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Model No.DescriptionStyleT1T2Material
39200Breather AdapterFlange Adapter1" Slip Fit FemaleWithout Mounting HolesABS
39201Breather AdapterFlange Adapter1" Slip Fit FemaleWith 6 ANSI Mounting HolesABS
39202Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter1" Slip Fit Female1" MNPTPVC
39203Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter1" Slip Fit Female3/4" MNPTPVC
39205Breather AdapterSpin-On Adapter1" Slip Fit Female1" - 12 UNF FemaleHigh Density EDPM
39206Breather AdapterSpin-On Adapter1" Slip Fit Female1-1/2" - 16 UNF FemaleHigh Density EDPM
39204Breather AdapterBayonet Adapter1" Slip Fit FemaleBayonetHigh Density EDPM
39207Breather AdapterBypass Adapter1" Slip Fit Female1" Slip Fit MalePVC
39212Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter1/2" MNPT1/2" MNPTCarbon Steel
39208Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter1/2" MNPT1/4" MNPTCarbon Steel
39209Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter1/4" FNPT1/2" MNPTCarbon Steel
39213Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter1/2" MNPT3/4" MNPTCarbon Steel
39210Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter1/2" MNPT3/8" MNPTCarbon Steel
39214Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter3/4" FNPT1/2" MNPTCarbon Steel
39211Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter3/8" FNPT1/2" MNPTCarbon Steel
39215Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter1/2" MNPT1" MNPTCarbon Steel
39216Breather AdapterThreaded Adapter1" Slip Fit Female1/2" MNPTPVC

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