Viewports – 3D Plastic Lens

Viewports – 3D Plastic Lens

3D Viewports can be used to monitor oil levels within a sump housing and provide visual inspection of lubricant condition.

To resist corrosion, these viewports are offered in brass or zinc plated steel. The lenses can be removed in the field for cleaning, rather than purchasing and installing a new viewport. Extended lens design simplifies liquid viewing, especially on small sizes.

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  • Extended design simplifies liquid viewing, especially on small sizes
  • Straight protruding lens reduces distortion created by dome lenses
  • Removable lens allows for cleaning and servicing
  • Plated steel or brass bodies
  • Engineered polymer lens for long life

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Instruction Sheets


Model No.DescriptionMaterialConnectionDim A (in)Dim B (in)Dim C (in)
34199ViewportSteel1/2 NPT7/81/21-17/32
34201ViewportSteel3/4 NPT1-1/83/41-9/16
34202ViewportSteel1 NPT1-5/1611-11/16
34230ViewportBrass1/2 NPT7/81/21-17/32
34231ViewportBrass3/4 NPT1-1/83/41-9/16
34232ViewportBrass1 NPT1-5/1611-11/16

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