V Series Valves

V Series Valves

V Series Valves are used with full flow dispensers where feed rate adjustment is desired at the point of lubrication.


  • Horizontal design of needle valve minimizes contamination at the valve seat
  • V Series Valves have 1 to 6 outlets
  • Clean out plugs provide easy cleaning when required
  • Heavy wall acrylic or heat resistant glass sights allow easy setting of the desired drip rate
  • Silver brazing of all brass construction provides long life and leak proof design
  • For use with D and DE Full Flow Dispensers

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Model No.DescriptionNo. of Valve OutletsSightA Dimensions (in)B Dimensions (in)C Dimensions (in)
30171V Series1Glass25/8-
30271V Series1Acrylic25/8-
30172V Series2Glass2-11/1631/32-
30272V Series2Acrylic2-11/1631/32-
30174V Series4Glass4-1/161-21/32-
30274V Series4Acrylic4-1/161-21/32-
30176V Series6Glass5-7/165/83-7/16
30276V Series6Acrylic5-7/165/83-7/16
Max. Operating Temp. Glass 250ºF Continuous
Acrylic 165ºF Continuous
Oil Sight Heavy Wall Heat Resistant Glass
Heavy Wall Acrylic Plastic
Gasket Buna-N
Packing Gland Graphite
Material Brass
Finish Lacquered Satin Finish
Needle Valve Brass
Tube Connection 1/4″ OD Compression Fitting

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