Sump Bottle – Ball Valve

Trico Sump Bottles are used as collection chambers on bearing housings and other oil sump applications. They collect water and contaminants, and have a ball valve drain for easy inspection and removal of fluids.

Sump Bottles are also known as BS&W Bowls (bottom sediment and water bowls).

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  • Easy open/close ball valve drain
  • Pyrex 2 and 5 ounce glass reservoir


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Model No.DescriptionConnection (NPT)CapacityHeightDiaStyle
31400Sump Bottle with Ball Valve Drain1/22 oz5.77"3.00"Centered Valve
31402Sump Bottle with Offset Ball Valve Drain1/22 oz5.77"3.00"Offset Valve
31405Sump Bottle with Ball Valve Drain1/25 oz6.26"3.50"Centered Valve
31407Sump Bottle with Offset Ball Valve Drain1/25 oz6.26"3.50"Offset Valve
Operating Temperature -40°F (-40°C) and 225°F (107 °C)
Reservoir Borosilicate – Pyrex
Gasket Buna-N
Materials Stainless Steel

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