Streamliner V Installation Kit

Streamliner V Installation Kit

Streamliner V Installation Kit is used to remote-mount the Streamliner V Grease Lubricator away from equipment where high vibration and/or extreme temperatures exist. Kit includes the necessary material needed – adapters, mounting brackets, and tubing – to install the Streamliner V grease dispenser remotely. Streamliner V electro-chemical grease dispenser installation kit includes; adapter 3/8″F x 1/8″M, mounting bracket, steel washer, three self drilling screws, adapter 1/8″F x 1/8″F, two PC8-PT 1/8″F fitting connectors, and 3 feet 5/16″ OD urethane tubing.

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  • Kit includes adapter 3/8″F x 1/8″M; mounting bracket; steel washer; three self drilling screws
  • Also includes adapter 1/8″F x 1/8″F; two PC8-PT 1/8″F fitting connectors; 3 feet 5/16″ OD urethane tubing
  • Use with Streamliner V Automatic Lubricator

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