Streamliner Mi Grease Dispenser

Streamliner Mi Grease Dispenser

Synchronized Grease Dispenser with Vibration Sensor

The Streamliner Mi automatic grease dispenser is designed to detect the operation of industrial rotating machinery by using a piezoelectric vibration sensor. It will periodically check the operating status of the machinery which it is attached to. As the Streamliner Mi receives a vibration signal from the machinery, the unit will dispense grease. If there is no vibration signal detected, the unit will automatically go into stand-by mode to avoid over-lubrication.

The grease is supplied in 60 cc or 125 cc grease pouches. Grease pouch, battery pack, and dust cover are replaceable as “Service Pack”. The service pack consists of one of six standard greases.

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  • Synchronizes to equipment without electrical wiring
  • Vibration sensor allows grease dispenser to lubricate only when vibration is detected
  • Easy installation – just place the magnetic vibration sensor on any flat surface
  • Easy to adjust dispensing rates
  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Transparent reservoir for visual indication of remaining grease
  • Multi-point lubrication capability up to two points (distribution blocks sold separately)
  • CE approved

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Instruction Sheets



Model No.DescriptionReservoir Capacity
33437Streamliner Mi Grease Dispenser and Vibration Unit60 cc
33438Streamliner Mi Grease Dispenser and Vibration Unit125 cc
Grease Pouch Capacity 60cc (2 oz) and 125cc (4 oz)(replaceable)
Power Supply DC 4.5 Volt (Replaceable)
Standard: Alkaline Battery
Optional: Lithium Battery
Normal Operating Pressure 435 psi (30 kgf/cm2)
Maximum Operating Pressure 870 psi (60 kgf/cm2)
Operating Temperature Alkaline Battery: 5ºF – 140ºF
Lithium Battery: -40ºF – 140ºF
Dispensing Rates 1-12 months
Remote Installation Maximum 3.3 ft (1 m) with 6 mm OD tube
Multi-Point Installation Maximum 3.3 ft (1 m) with 6 mm OD tube (up to 2 points)
Vibration Detector Piezoelectric cantilever-type film sensor (adjustable sensitivity range)
Wire Length To Lubricator – 150 mm
Sensor Cable – 1.2 m
Installation Thread Size 3/8″ Male BSPT
Six Standard Greases Mobilgrease XHP 222
Exxon Unirex EP2
Mobil SHC 100
Mobilgrease FM 222
Mobilith SHC 220
Mobilith SHC PM 460
Alkaline Lithium
Operating Temperature 5F – 140F -40F – 140F
Multi-Point Capability N/A Up to 2 points
Remote Distance 20 ft (6 m) or less 30 ft (10 m) or less

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