Streamliner Installation Kit

Streamliner Installation Kit

Installation Kits are used to remote-mount the Streamliner M Unit and Streamliner 500 cc Unit away from equipment where high vibration and/or extreme temperatures exist. Kit includes the necessary material needed – adapters, mounting brackets, and tubing – to install the Streamliner M Unit and Streamliner 500 cc Unit grease dispenser remotely.


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Instruction Sheets


Model No.DescriptionNo. of Points
33522Streamliner Installation Kit2 points
33523Streamliner Installation Kit3 points
33524Streamliner Installation Kit4 points
33525Streamliner Installation Kit5 points
33626Streamliner Installation Kit6 points
33527Streamliner Installation Kit7 points
33528Streamliner Installation Kit8 points

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