Streamliner GL-P Grease Dispenser

Streamliner GL-P Grease Dispenser

This spring type lubricator controls and dispenses grease automatically, to take the guesswork out of manual lubrication, and extend bearing life. The Streamliner GL-P grease dispenser has a clear, polycarbonate reservoir for easy viewing of the grease level in the reservoir. The sturdy, anodized aluminum base is ideal for demanding applications. The standard zerk fitting allows for easy refilling. Light, medium, and heavy spring types are included with the Streamliner GL-P grease dispenser.

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  • Anodized aluminum base resists corrosion and works well in high vibration applications
  • Clear, polycarbonate reservoir for easy viewing of grease level
  • Each unit supplied with 3 different spring sizes for maximum versatility
  • Can be mounted in any position
  • Easily refilled through the zerk fitting

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Model No.DescriptionNPTCapacitySpring ForceDim A (in)
33301GL-P Grease Dispenser1/82-1/2 oz.Light, med., & heavy4-1/2
33302GL-P Grease Dispenser1/42-1/2 oz.Light, med., & heavy4-5/8
33303GL-P Grease Dispenser3/82-1/2 oz.Light, med., & heavy4-5/8
33304GL-P Grease Dispenser1/22-1/2 oz.Light, med., & heavy4-3/4
Max. Operating Temperature 212ºF
Spring Force Light (5psi), Medium (10 psi), and Heavy (15 psi) included with each model
Grease Capacity Maximum 72 PSI (5 bar)
Dispensing Quantity 2-1/2 ounces
Suitable Greases NLGI 0 – NLGI 3

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