Streamliner 500cc Service Pack

Streamliner 500cc Service Pack

Replacement Service Packs for the Streamliner M 500cc Automatic Grease Dispenser that consists of a 500cc grease pouch, a battery pack, and disposable dust cover.

Streamliner M 500cc grease pouch and battery pack must always be changed at the same time to ensure reliable operation of the unit.


  • Services Packs consist of one of 6 standard greases
  • Replacement service packs for Streamliner M 500cc Automatic Grease Dispenser
  • Includes battery pack, disposable dust cover, and grease pouch filled with one of six standard greases

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SDS Sheets


Model No.DescriptionBatteryGrease TypeNLGI#Thickener TypeCapacity
33412Service PackStandardMobilgrease XHP 2222Lithium Complex500 cc
33413Service PackStandardExxon Unirex EP22Lithium Complex500 cc
33414Service PackStandardMobil SHC 1002Lithium Complex500 cc
33415Service PackStandardMobilgrease FM 2222Aluminum Complex500 cc
33416Service PackStandardMobilith SHC 2202Lithium Complex500 cc
33417Service PackStandardMobilith SHC PM 4601.5Lithium Complex500 cc
33418Service PackLithiumMobilgrease XHP 2222Lithium Complex500 cc
33419Service PackLithiumExxon Unirex EP22Lithium Complex500 cc
33420Service PackLithiumMobil SHC 1002Lithium Complex500 cc
33421Service PackLithiumMobilgrease FM 2222Aluminum Complex500 cc
33422Service PackLithiumMobilith SHC 2202Lithium Complex500 cc
33423Service PackLithiumMobilith SHC PM 4601.5Lithium Complex500 cc
Standard Lithium
Temperature 14ºF – 122ºF 40ºF – 140ºF
Back Pressure 280 psi or less Greater than 280 psi
Distribution Block N/A Up to 8 points
Distance 10 ft or less Greater than 10 ft

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