Spectrum Tags
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Spectrum Tags

Avoid lubricant cross contamination and misapplication with Spectrum Tags. The Spectrum Tags provide a simple and fast solution for identifying lubricants from storage to point of use. These easy to use, durable color-coded tags can be used for marking everything from storage containers and drums, transport containers, hand pumps, filter carts, transfer carts, dispensing equipment and tools, machinery, lubrication points or anything else you can think of. Use a felt tip marker, crayon, or Spectrum Custom Label to mark the tag with your information. Then simply seal the information beneath the laminate sheet to keep it clean and legible.


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Model No.DescriptionColor
37075Spectrum TagRed
37076Spectrum TagOrange
37077Spectrum TagYellow
37078Spectrum TagGreen
37079Spectrum TagBlue
37080Spectrum TagPurple
37081Spectrum TagDark Green
37082Spectrum TagTan
37083Spectrum TagGray
37084Spectrum TagBlack

Spectrum Tags

  • Ensures the right lubricant goes into the right machine every time
  • Available in 10 colors to choose from for identification
  • Color-coded solution for identifying containers, dispensers, filter carts, equipment, machinery lubrication points, etc
  • Durable Spectrum Tags are weather and chemical resistant to withstand the most demanding indoor and outdoor use
  • Spectrum Tags are made of durable 1/16″ UV inhibited plastic with a tough clear laminate that withstands acids, caustics, oils, and abrasions
  • Spectrum Custom Labels can contain up to four lines of information including a bar-code

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