Spectrum Sample Kits

Spectrum Sample Kits

Ensure you are receiving the right product in the right amount at the right location with the Spectrum Sample Kit. The Spectrum Sample Kits come with 4 different colors consisting of red, yellow, blue, and green. This allows you to dedicate a specific color to a specific lubricant. The kits contains 10 identification tags, 5 grease gun collar bands and 10 grease fitting washers or grease fitting caps, depending on kit ordered, of each color. The Spectrum Sample Kit contains a total of 100 pieces.


  • 40 Identification Tags – 10 of each color (red, yellow, blue, and green)
  • 20 Grease Collar Bands – 5 of each color (red, yellow, blue, and green)
  • 40 Grease Fitting Washers or Grease Fitting Caps – 10 of each color (red, yellow, blue, and green)
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Model No.DescriptionGrease Fitting SizeKit Type
37087Spectrum Kit1/4-28Grease Caps, Collars, Tags
37088Spectrum Kit1/8 NPTGrease Caps, Collars, Tags
37089Spectrum Kit1/4-28Grease Washers, Collars, Tags
37090Spectrum Kit1/8 NPTGrease Washers, Collars, Tags

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