Spectrum Custom Labels

Spectrum Custom Labels

Spectrum Custom Labels are used with the Spectrum Tags to help avoid lubricant cross contamination and misapplication. The Spectrum Custom Labels and Tags  provide a simple and fast solution for identifying lubricants and equipment information from storage to point of use.  The Spectrum labeling system allows you to create customized labels using various colors, text and optional bar-coding for your specific requirements. The Spectrum Custom Labels can contain up to five lines of information including bar-coding.


All you need to do is supply the data file for your Spectrum Custom Labels, and we’ll do the rest! Your options are endless! Labels come 18 per sheet. Please contact a customer service representative for details on Spectrum Custom Labels at 800.558.7008 or [email protected]. Combine Spectrum tags and labels with other Spectrum products for effective lubrication management from storage to point of use. For more information on Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management Products visit our web page.
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Model No.DescriptionLabel Type
37085Spectrum Custom Labels - Sheet of 18Without Barcoding
37086Spectrum Custom Labels - Sheet of 18With Barcoding

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