250cc service pack

Service Packs

Replacement Service Packs for Streamliner M and Streamliner Mi Grease Dispensers that consists of grease pouch (60cc, 125 cc, or 250cc), a battery pack, and disposable dust cover.

Streamliner M and Streamliner Mi grease pouch and battery pack must always be changed at the same time to ensure reliable operation of the unit.


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Model No.DescriptionGrease CapacityGrease TypeThickener
33387Service Pack60 ccMobilgrease XHP 222Lithium Complex
33388Service Pack60 ccExxon Unirex EP 2Lithium Complex
33389Service Pack60 ccMobilith SHC 100Lithium Complex
33390Service Pack60 ccMobilgrease FM 222Aluminum Complex
33391Service Pack60 ccMobilith SHC 220Lithium Complex
33394Service Pack60 ccMobilith SHC PM 460Lithium Complex
33349Service Pack125 ccMobilgrease XHP 222Lithium Complex
33350Service Pack125 ccExxon Unirex EP2Lithium Complex
33351Service Pack125 ccMobilith SHC 100Lithium Complex
33352Service Pack125 ccMobilgrease FM 222Aluminum Complex
33353Service Pack125 ccMobilith SHC 220Lithium Complex
33354Service Pack125 ccMobilith SHC PM 460Lithium Complex
33356Service Pack250 ccMobilgrease XHP 222Lithium Complex
33357Service Pack250 ccExxon Unirex EP2Lithium Complex
33358Service Pack250 ccMobilith SHC 100Lithium Complex
33359Service Pack250 ccMobilgrease FM 222Aluminum Complex
33360Service Pack250 ccMobilith SHC 220Lithium Complex
33361Service Pack250 ccMobilith SHC PM 460Lithium Complex

Service Packs

  • Services Packs consist of one of 6 standard greases
  • Replacement service packs for Streamliner Mi and Streamliner M Grease Dispensers
  • Includes batter pack, disposable dust cover, and grease pouch filled with one of six standard greases

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