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Oil Sample Ports

Where and how oil samples are collected are two of the most important functions of the oil sampling process. Without a representative sample, further oil analysis efforts will be ineffective. That’s why Trico sample ports are designed to draw samples from the most representative areas of industrial equipment. Trico sample ports are also designed to collect samples under the equipment’s typical operating condition – another important factor.

The collection process is simple, fast and accurate way of sampling hydraulic, lubricating, and circulating systems. Access to systems is done through the use of a mating sample port adapter. The sample port adapter screws onto the sample port. Oil samples can then be drawn from the system and placed into a clean sampling bottle for analysis.

To guard against contaminating the sample and for superior leak protection, Trico sampling ports all feature a check valve and Viton® O-ring seal cap.

Trico sample ports are available in several types and sizes to match the varying requirements of manufacturers. Please see below for a complete listing and specifications.

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  • Protective cap seals against dirt and moisture
  • Cap connected to sample port with a heavy brass chain to prevent loss
  • Sample directly from lubricating oil while equipment is running
  • Minimizes introduction of contamination to system
  • Used in conjunction with proper accessories sample ports are adaptable to pressure, static, and vacuum locations

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Model No.DescriptionPort Connection (Dim A)MaterialDim B
36100Sample Port1/8" NPTCarbon SteelM16 x 2
36101Sample Port1/4" NPTCarbon SteelM16 x 2
36102Sample Port1/8" NPTStainless SteelM16 x 2
36103Sample Port1/4" NPTStainless SteelM16 x 2

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