Replacement Wicks

Replacement Wicks – Vari-Feed Wick Oilers

Replacement wicks are used with N and NS and NA and NAS Vari-Feed Wick Oilers. They are available in five different wick speeds.


  • For use with N and NS and NA and NAS Vari-Feed Wick Oilers
  • 5 wick speeds are available and color coded for easy replacement or installation
  • Packed 50 of one color per carton except 30705 contains 100 pcs of Blue/White wicks

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Model No.DescriptionRateThicknessLength (in)
30701Replacement WicksVery Fast Feed Wick-White3 mm1-3/8
30702Replacement WicksFast Feed Wick-Green/White5 mm1-3/8
30703Replacement WicksMedium Feed Wick-White/Blue6 mm1-3/8
30704Replacement WicksSlow Feed Wick-Red/White8 mm1-3/8
30705Replacement WicksVery Slow Feed Wick-White/Blue12 mm1-3/8

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