Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges are used as a convenient method of indicating pressure within a central lubrication system. Pressure Gauges are available with a pressure range of 0-15 Bar and 0-35 Bar. They are also available with rear mount or bottom mount.


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Model No.DescriptionConnectionPressure Range
MG-1000Pressure Gauge1/8 BSPT Rear Mount0-15 Bar
MG-1001Pressure Gauge1/8 BSPT Rear Mount0-35 Bar
MG-1002Pressure Gauge1/8 BSPT Bottom Mount0-15 Bar
MG-1003Pressure Gauge1/8 BSPT Bottom Mount0-35 Bar

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges are network components used to build a central lubrication system which consists of a pump, tubing, meter or control units, junctions, and a variety of fittings.

They are to be used with automatic cycliccontinuous, and positive displacement central lubrication pumps.

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