Filter Media – High-Viscosity Filter Cart & Drum Pump

Filter Media – High-Viscosity Filter Cart & Drum Pump

Trico’s filter media elements remove moisture and damaging particles from lubricants. When used with Trico’s High-Viscosity Filter Cart and Drum Pump Filtration System they can help extend the life of the equipment and reduce maintenance costs.


  • Replacement filter media elements for the High-Viscosity Portable Filter Carts and Drum Pump Filtration System
  • Particulate filter media elements  are composed of synthetic micro-glass for high performance filtration
  • Various sizes available ranging from 3 micron to 20 micron
  • High dirt holding capacity

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Model No.DescriptionFilter TypeMicron RatingBeta RatioDirt Holding CapacityWater Holding Capacity
36972Synthetic Micro-Glass Filter MediaParticulate3Beta 3 ≥ 200 Absolute102 GramsN/A
36973Synthetic Micro-Glass Filter MediaParticulate10Beta 10 ≥ 200 Absolute120 GramsN/A
36974Synthetic Micro-Glass Filter MediaParticulate20Beta 20 ≥ 200 Absolute125 GramsN/A
36975Water Filter MediaWater1010 Micron NominalN/A16 oz
36995Water Filter MediaWater25Beta 25 ≥ 200 AbsoluteN/A23 oz

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