PE-30 and PE-32 Series

PE-30 and PE-32 Series Automatic Cyclic Pumps

The PE-30 and PE-32 Series are the most versatile automatic cyclic pumps available. Both the lubricant dispensing time, and the time interval between cycles is digitally controlled. With reservoir sizes up to 20 liters, these pumps can handle systems with up to 100 lubrication points. Applications include large printing presses and injection molding machines. These pumps are used with meter units in multiple point applications.

  • Low level switch with alarm
  • Pressure gauge
  • Heavy duty plastic reservoir (3 liter) simplifies oil level viewing. Metal reservoirs available in 6, 8, and 20 liters for larger systems
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PE-30 & PE-32 Series Pumps are for applications that need automatic lubrication on an intermittent basis. These pumps use meter units to apportion the amount of oil at each lubrication point.

Interval time must be 5 times lubricating time and at least 3 minutes

PE-30 Series

  • Adjustable output cycle time of 1-180 seconds, flow rate of 200 cc/min
  • Adjustable interval time between lubrication cycles of 3–999 minutes

PE-32 Series

  • Adjustable output cycle time of 1-999 seconds, flow rate of 250 cc/min
  • Adjustable interval time between lubrication cycles of 3–999 minutes
  • Pressure adjustment valve
  • Pressure switch, with reset button, shuts down pump if system pressure drops below set level, protecting against line or component failure

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Instruction Sheets


Model No.DescriptionOutputReservoir Capacity (liters)Reservoir MaterialMin Output (cc/hour)Interval Time
PE-3003Automatic Pump3.33 cc/sec3Plastic.23-999 min
PE-3006Automatic Pump3.33 cc/sec6Metal.23-999 min
PE-3008Automatic Pump3.33 cc/sec8Metal.23-999 min
PE-3020Automatic Pump3.33 cc/sec20Metal.23-999 min
PE-3203Automatic Pump4.17 cc/sec.3Metal.23-999 min
PE-3206Automatic Pump4.17 cc/sec.6Metal.23-999 min
PE-3208Automatic Pump4.17 cc/sec.8Metal.23-999 min
PE-3220Automatic Pump4.17 cc/sec.20Metal.23-999 min
Reservoir Capacity 3 Liter Plastic
6, 8, and 20 Liter Steel
Motor Voltage 110-1-50/60 Standard
220-1-50/60 Optional
Pump Type Gear Pump
Maximum Pressure 100 PSI – PE 30
140 PSI – PE 32
Output Connection 5/16-24 (f)
Seals Buna-N
Operating Temperature 32-120ºF

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