PE-10 & PE-12 Series
PE-10 & PE-12 Series Automatic Cyclic Pump

PE-10 & PE-12 Series

In heavy duty applications requiring a timed delivery of lubricant, the PE-10 & PE-12 Series automatic cyclic pumps are used. These durable pumps provide long life and trouble-free service. With variable lubricant outputs and a choice of cycle times, they offer excellent versatility in many applications. An adjustment screw with a calibrated rod simplifies setting the lubricant delivery output. These pumps are used with meter units in multiple point applications. Common applications include punch presses, milling machines, and other machine tools.

For your convenience Trico has an online worksheet to help with selecting the appropriate pump and meter units for your application.


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Model No.DescriptionInterval TimeLow Level SwitchOutput (cc/cycle)Min Output (cc/hour)Max Output (cc/hour)
PE-1002-03Automatic Pump3No3-660120
PE-1002-05Automatic Pump5No3-63672
PE-1002-10Automatic Pump10No3-61836
PE-1002-15Automatic Pump15No3-61224
PE-1002-30Automatic Pump30No3-6612
PE-1002-60Automatic Pump60No3-636
PE-1202-03Automatic Pump3Yes3-660120
PE-1202-05Automatic Pump5Yes3-63672
PE-1202-10Automatic Pump10Yes3-61836
PE-1202-15Automatic Pump15Yes3-61224
PE-1202-30Automatic Pump30Yes3-6612
PE-1202-60Automatic Pump60Yes3-636

PE-10 & PE-12 Series Automatic Cyclic Pumps

PE-10 & PE-12 Series Pumps are for applications that need automatic lubrication on an intermittent basis. These pumps use meter units to apportion the amount of oil at each lubrication point.

  • Transparent 2 liter reservoir simplifies viewing oil level
  • PE-12 Series provided with low level switch to signal when lubricant level is low
  • Adjustable output range of 3 to 6 cc/cycle, or 3 to 120 cc/hour
  • Large fill plug simplifies adding or changing lubricant
  • Convenient drop-in filter in fill port keeps oil clean

Use the online worksheet to determine the appropriate pump and meter units for your application.

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Reservoir Capacity 2 Liters
Motor Voltage 110-1-50/60 Standard
220-1-50/60 Optional
Pump Type Spring Discharge Piston Pump
Maximum Pressure 40 PSI
Output Connection 5/16-24 (f)
Seals Buna-N
Operating Temperature 32-120ºF

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