PDI Pumps

PDI Pumps – Positive Displacement Pumps

The PE-34 and PE-44 Series use positive displacement injectors (PDI’s) to deliver precise amounts of oil to the lubrication points. Positive displacement systems are auto-cyclic gear pumps which contain a depressurizing mechanism to return line pressure to 0 PSI. The PE-34 Series pump has built-in cycle controls, while the PE-44 Series uses external controls for the lubrication cycle.


PDI Pumps are used with PDI injectors and manifolds.

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Instruction Sheets


Model No.DescriptionPump TypeReservoir Capacity (liters)Oil Delivery TimeInterval Time Between Cycles
PE-3403Auto Cyclic31-999 sec1-999 min
PE-3406Auto Cyclic61-999 sec1-999 min
PE-3408Auto Cyclic81-999 sec1-999 min
PE-3420Auto Cyclic201-999 sec1-999 min
PE-4403Standard Pump3User InstalledUser Installed
PE-4406Standard Pump6User InstalledUser Installed
PE-4408Standard Pump8User InstalledUser Installed
Motor Voltage 110-1-50/60 Standard
220-1-50/60 Optional
Pump Type Gear Pump
Maximum Pressure 200 PSI
Maximum Flow 100 cc/min
Output Connection 5/16-24 (f)
Seals Buna-N
Oil Viscosity 30-250 CST (150-1250 SUS)

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