Opto-Matic Oilers – Plastic

Opto-Matic Oilers – Plastic

Opto-Matic oilers provide a constant level of oil in a pump bearing housing, gear box, or other oil sump applications. Throughout processing industries, the Opto-Matic oiler is the industry standard. Different reservoir capacities allow use in many applications. LS, EH, and EHB models have a large surge chamber to minimize potential of leakage during oil surge conditions.


  • High strength, transparent, ribbed plastic reservoir provides long life and impact resistance
  • Adjustable level setting allows use in many applications
  • Multiple air vent slots provide for proper functioning at all times
  • Large surge chambers (LS, EH, and EHB models) prevent overflow of oil during machine start-up or shut-down
  • EB, EHB, and LS models provide side and bottom connections for simplified installation

Color-code Opto-Matic Oilers to match lubricant dispensing containers, such as Spectrum Oil Containers, to avoid cross-contamination and misapplication of lubricant.

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Instruction Sheets



Model No.DescriptionStyleCapacityConnection (NPT)Dim A (in)Dim B (min)Dim B (max)Dim C (min)Dim C (max)
30024Opto-MaticType LS4 oz1/42-5/165-7/166-3/169/321
30028Opto-MaticType LS8 oz1/42-5/86-9/167-5/169/321
30052Opto-MaticType E2 oz1/41-15/163-7/84-3/81/43/4
30054Opto-MaticType E4 oz1/42-5/164-9/165-1/161/43/4
30058Opto-MaticType E8 oz1/42-5/85-11/166-3/161/43/4
30062Opto-MaticType EB2 oz1/41-15/163-7/84-3/81/43/4
30064Opto-MaticType EB4 oz1/42-5/164-9/165-1/161/43/4
30068Opto-MaticType EB8 oz1/42-5/85-11/166-3/161/43/4
30074Opto-MaticType EH4 oz1/42-5/165-11/166-3/161/43/4
30078Opto-MaticType EH8 oz1/42-5/86-13/167-5/161/43/4
30082Opto-MaticType EHB2 oz1/41-15/1655-1/21/43/4
30084Opto-MaticType EHB4 oz1/42-5/165-11/166-3/161/43/4
30088Opto-MaticType EHB8 oz1/42-5/86-13/167-5/161/43/4
Max. Operating Temp. 165ºF Continuous
Reservoir Butyrate Plastic
Casting Zinc Die Cast
Finish Bright Zinc Plated
Internal Parts Zinc Plated Steel

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