MistMatic Coolant System

MistMatic Coolant System

The MistMatic Coolant System allows the user a wide range of coolant delivery. Variable adjustability allows deliveries such as lean, rich, high velocity, or low velocity. Unit can fill “mini-flood” applications with the dual control valving. This unit can cover most machining requirements. Multiple metal removal processes ranging from broaching to grinding can be covered with the MistMatic. The pressure pumping design of the MistMatic allows use with a wide range of coolants compatible with Buna-N seals and lower than 1000 SUS viscosity. Auto electric models can be interfaced with machine controls for cyclic capabilities.

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  • Pump operated system
  • HV-3100 control valve with 7 in. segmented plastic nozzle
  • One or two outlet, 5 ft. brass armored lines
  • Independently adjusted air and coolant allows for balancing coolant delivery
  • Platform design capabilities allow for flexible line/nozzle combinations (consult Trico)
  • Easy reading sight gauge
  • One gallon reservoir capacity
  • Reservoir bracket for easy mounting directly to machining application
  • 1 gallon dimension – 10-1/2″H x 8-1/2″W x 6″D

MistMatic Coolant Delivery Systems are designed to be used with a water-soluble coolant such as TC-1 Premium Synthetic Cool.

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Instruction Sheets


Model No.DescriptionControl ModeNo. of LinesCapacityVoltage
30600MistmaticManual11 gallon----
30601MistmaticManual21 gallon----
30604MistmaticAuto11 gallon120
30605MistmaticAuto21 gallon120
Reservoir High Density Polyethylene
Sight Acrylic Plastic
Check Valve Brass w/Buna-N Seals
Seals Buna-N
Delivery Lines 5 ft. Armored Brass
Coolant Tube Polyurethane
Valves Brass
Solenoid Brass Body & S/S Plunger
Nozzle Flexible Segmented Plastic Standard
Pump Acetal Copolymer w/Buna-N
Tubing Polyurethane
Air Inlet 1/4 NPT
Air Inlet Pressure 50-100 PSI

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