Meter Units

Meter Units

Meter Units are used with all cyclic system electric and manual pumps to provide precise control of the lubricant to each lubrication point. A spring loaded check valve keeps air from entering the system when lubricant is not being supplied to the meter unit.

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Trico offers 8 different flow rates for meter units (3/0–5). These units are precisely manufactured to accurately apportion oil at each point. The Tab “Flow Rate” is a chart that displays recommended flow rates for different types of systems. The relative flow delivery indicates the difference in the flow rates of the meter rates. The smallest flow rate is “5/0” and the highest flow rate is “5”. Each meter unit will allow approximately twice as much flow as the next smaller size, within a lubrication system.

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Model No.DescriptionFlow RateSize
DSM-3/0Meter Units3/05/16-24x5/16-24
DSM-00Meter Units005/16-24x5/16-24
DSM-00MMeter Units00M8x1.0 x M8x1.0
DSM-0Meter Units05/16-24x5/16-24
DSM-0MMeter Units0M8x1.0 x M8x1.0
DSM-1Meter Units15/16-24x5/16-24
DSM-1MMeter Units1M8x1.0 x M8x1.0
DSM-2Meter Units25/16-24x5/16-24
DSM-2MMeter Units2M8x1.0 x M8x1.0
DSM-3Meter Units35/16-24x5/16-24
DSM-3MMeter Units3M8x1.0 x M8x1.0
DSM-4Meter Units45/16-24x5/16-24
DSM-4MMeter Units4M8x1.0 x M8x1.0
DSM-5Meter Units55/16-24x5/16-24
DSM-5MMeter Units5M8x1.0 x M8x1.0
DTM-3/0Meter Units3/01/8NPT x 1/8NPT
DTM-00Meter Units001/8NPT x 1/8NPT
DTM-00MMeter Units001/8BSPTx1/8BSPT
DTM-0Meter Units01/8NPT x 1/8NPT
DTM-0MMeter Units01/8BSPTx1/8BSPT
DTM-1Meter Units11/8NPT x 1/8NPT
DTM-1MMeter Units11/8BSPTx1/8BSPT
DTM-2Meter Units21/8NPT x 1/8NPT
DTM-2MMeter Units21/8BSPTx1/8BSPT
DTM-3Meter Units31/8NPT x 1/8NPT
DTM-3MMeter Units31/8BSPTx1/8BSPT
DTM-4Meter Units41/8NPT x 1/8NPT
DTM-4MMeter Units41/8BSPTx1/8BSPT
DTM-5Meter Units51/8NPT x 1/8NPT
DTM-5MMeter Units51/8BSPTx1/8BSPT
DCM-3/0Meter Units3/05/16-24x1/8 NPT
DCM-00Meter Units005/16-24x1/8 NPT
DCM-00MMeter Units00M8x1.0x1/8BSPT
DCM-0MMeter Units0M8x1.0x1/8BSPT
DCM-0Meter Units05/16-24x1/8 NPT
DCM-1Meter Units15/16-24x1/8 NPT
DCM-1MMeter Units1M8x1.0x1/8BSPT
DCM-2Meter Units25/16-24x1/8 NPT
DCM-2MMeter Units2M8x1.0x1/8BSPT
DCM-3Meter Units35/16-24x1/8 NPT
DCM-3MMeter Units3M8x1.0x1/8BSPT
DCM-4Meter Units45/16-24x1/8 NPT
DCM-4MMeter Units4M8x1.0x1/8BSPT
DCM-5Meter Units55/16-24x1/8 NPT
DCM-5MMeter Units5M8x1.0x1/8BSPT
Flow Rate Relative Flow Delivery Typical System Type
5/0 1 Continuous loss
4/0 2 Continuous loss
3/0 4 Continuous loss/Cyclic
00 8 Continuous loss/Cyclic
0 16 Continuous loss/Cyclic
1 32 Cyclic/Continuous re-circulating
2 64 Cyclic/Continuous re-circulating
3 128 Cyclic/Continuous re-circulating
4 256 Continuous re-circulating
5 512 Continuous re-circulating

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