Machine Synchronized Unit – Streamliner MSP

Machine Synchronized Unit – Streamliner MSP

The Streamliner MSP unit offers the advantage of providing automatic lubrication to machinery that is infrequently or intermittently used by synchronizing itself to the equipment, thereby avoiding the problem of over lubrication. The Streamliner MSP will dispense a preset amount of grease as the machine is operating and does not dispense lubricant if the equipment stops running. The units goes into “stand-by-mode” until the machine goes back into operation. The Streamliner MSP can be externally powered by the machine or PLC. There is no need to replace the battery back in the MSP for up to five years, but the grease pouch will need to be replaced after depletion.


  • Easy to read LCD display
  • Electro-mechanical driven with microprocessor control
  • Ideally suited for applications where lubrication is to take place only when the machine is in operation and where a feedback signal to PLC is required
  • Up to eight variable dispensing rates
  • Multi-point lubrication capability up to 8 points
  • No need to change the internal battery pack for up to 5 years (externally powered)
  • Cost effective by use of replaceable grease pouch

NOTE: Replaceable grease pouches sold separately.

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Model No.DescriptionCapacityPower SupplyGrease TypeNLGI#Thickener Type
33451Streamliner MSP125 ccVDCMobilgrease XHP 2222Lithium Complex
33453Streamliner MSP125 ccVDCMobilith SHC 1002Lithium Complex
33454Streamliner MSP125 ccVDCMobilgrease FM 2222Aluminum Complex
33455Streamliner MSP125 ccVDCMobilith SHC 2202Lithium Complex
33457Streamliner MSP125 ccVACMobilgrease XHP 2222Lithium Complex
33458Streamliner MSP125 ccVACExxon Unirex EP22Lithium Complex
33459Streamliner MSP125 ccVACMobilith SHC 1002Lithium Complex
33461Streamliner MSP125 ccVACMobilith SHC 2202Lithium Complex
33463Streamliner MSP250 ccVDCMobilgrease XHP 2222Lithium Complex
33464Streamliner MSP250 ccVDCExxon Unirex EP22Lithium Complex
33465Streamliner MSP250 ccVDCMobilith SHC 1002Lithium Complex
33466Streamliner MSP250 ccVDCMobilgrease FM 2222Aluminum Complex
33467Streamliner MSP250 ccVDCMobilith SHC 2202Lithium Complex
33472Streamliner MSP250 ccVACMobilgrease FM 2222Aluminum Complex
33475Streamliner MSP500 ccVDCMobilgrease XHP 2222Lithium Complex
33476Streamliner MSP500 ccVDCExxon Unirex EP22Lithium Complex
33477Streamliner MSP500 ccVDCMobilith SHC 1002Lithium Complex
33478Streamliner MSP500 ccVDCMobilgrease FM 2222Aluminum Complex
33479Streamliner MSP500 ccVDCMobilith SHC 2202Lithium Complex
33482Streamliner MSP500 ccVACExxon Unirex EP22Lithium Complex
Grease Pouch Capacity  125cc (4 oz), 250 cc (8oz), and 500 cc (16 oz) (replaceable)
Operating Pressure 425 psi (30 kgf/cm2)
Maximum Operating Pressure 800 psi (60 kgf/cm2)
Power Supply Available in VAC and VDC
Available Dispensing Rates 125 and 250 cc – half, 1, 2, 3, 6, and 12 months
500 cc – half, 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, and 24 months
Multi-Point Capability Up to 8 points
Remote Installation Up to 20 ft (6m) using 1/4″ (6 mm) OD pre-filled lube line
Installation Thread Size 3/8″ Male NPT
Back Up Battery DC 4.5V replaceable Alkaline battery (service life 5 years). No need to replace the battery with every service pack change.
Power Supply Select MSP power supply according to equipment’s power source
Voltage Rate Input Range 100-220V, 0.5 A 50-60 Hz – VAC AC-DC Adapter

12v – 24V – VDC DC-DC Converter

Voltage Rate Output Range 5.0 V, 2A
Power On Indicator Red Light
Relay Box Dimensions 3.35″ D x 1.93″ W x 1.26″ H
Wire Length Power Supply Input 2.28′
Wire Length Power Supply Output 14.76′
Wire Length MSP Side 3.54″

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