Liquid Level Gauge Sample Ports

Liquid Level Gauge Sample Ports

Liquid Level Gauge Sample Ports provide easy viewing of fluid levels and oil condition in many industrial applications. They are ideal for bearing housings and other non-pressurized applications. Liquid Level Gauge Sample Ports include a Pitot Tube for static sampling, which provides repetitive, representative oil sampling.

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  • Guards are standard on all sights and may be rotated 360º for easy viewing of fluid level and condition
  • Liquid Level Gauge Sample Ports are equipped with Pitot Tubes in lengths of 12″, 18″, and 24″
  • Level gauge sights are available in various lengths
  • For use with non-pressurized systems

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Model No.DescriptionTube LengthSight Length (Dim B)Fitting (NPT Male)Dim A
36441LLG Sample Port12"3-1/2"1/4"2.00"
36442LLG Sample Port18"3-1/2"1/4"2.00"
36443LLG Sample Port24"3-1/2"1/4"2.00"
36307LLG Sample Port12"5-1/2"1/4"2.18"
36329LLG Sample Port18"5-1/2"1/4"2.18"
36351LLG Sample Port24"5-1/2"1/4"2.18"
36308LLG Sample Port12"7-1/2"1/4"2.18"
36330LLG Sample Port18"7-1/2"1/4"2.18"
36352LLG Sample Port24"7-1/2"1/4"2.18"
36444LLG Sample Port12"3-1/2"3/8"2.00"
36445LLG Sample Port18"3-1/2"3/8"2.00"
36446LLG Sample Port24"3-1/2"3/8"2.00"
36373LLG Sample Port12"5-1/2"3/8"2.00"
36395LLG Sample Port18"5-1/2"3/8"2.00"
36417LLG Sample Port24"5-1/2"3/8"2.00"
36374LLG Sample Port12"7-1/2"3/8"2.00"
36396LLG Sample Port18"7-1/2"3/8"2.00"
36418LLG Sample Port24"7-1/2"3/8"2.00"
Material (Level Gauge) Brass
Material (Pitot Tubes) Stainless Steel
Sight Glass
Seals Viton®
Maximum Operating Temperature 250ºF

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