KG Oilers

KG Oilers

The KG Gravity Feed Oilers are designed for heavy-duty, high temperature lubricating applications. The rate of oil feed is adjustable and a lock ring maintains the setting. In bearing or gear lubrication, the KG Oilers provide dependable lubrication in the most demanding environments.

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  • Three position toggle switch provides easy to use on-off control, and a flushing option to avoid dry start-ups
  • Heavy wall glass reservoirs and sight chambers operate continuously at 250ºF
  • Vented sight chamber ensures proper operation when used with tight or high speed bearings
  • Copper brazing of all steel connections provides long life and leak proof design
  • Nickel plating offers superior corrosion resistance

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Instruction Sheets


Model No.DescriptionCapacityConnectionDim A (in)Dim B (in)
37011KG Oiler1 oz.1/8 NPT1-5/83-1/4
37012KG Oiler1 oz.1/4 NPT1-5/83-1/4
37013KG Oiler2.5 oz.1/8 NPT2-1/84
37014KG Oiler2.5 oz.1/4 NPT2-1/84
37015KG Oiler5 oz1/8 NPT2-5/84-5/8
37016KG Oiler5 oz1/4 NPT2-5/84-5/8
37017KG Oiler5 oz3/8 NPT2-5/84-5/8
37018KG Oiler10 oz.1/4 NPT3-1/85-3/8
37019KG Oiler10 oz.3/8 NPT3-1/85-3/8
Max. Operating Temp. 250ºF Continuous
Reservoir Heavy Wall Heat Resistant Glass
Oil Sight Heavy Wall Heat Resistant Glass
Gaskets Buna-N
Materials Heavy Gauge Steel
Finish Bright Nickel Plate
Needle Valve Steel

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