Hoses are a flexible conduit for feeding lubricating oil to critical machine parts.

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Hoses are used with manualautomatic cycliccontinuous, and positive displacement central lubrication pumps.

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Model No.DescriptionODLength
H-406Hose4 mm (5/32)6 in
H-412Hose4 mm (5/32)12 in
H-424Hose4 mm (5/32)24 in
H-436Hose4 mm (5/32)36 in
H-448Hose4 mm (5/32)48 in
H-460Hose4 mm (5/32)60 in
H-612Hose6 mm12 in
H-624Hose6 mm24 in
H-636Hose6 mm36 in
H-648Hose6 mm48 in

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