High-Viscosity Filter Cart System

High-Viscosity Filter Cart

Filter cart choices have been very limited when it came to filtering lubricants with viscosity of greater than 500 SUS @ 100ºF. The problem with attempting to filter a high viscosity oil with a lower viscosity system is that the pump and filters are not designed to work with higher pressures required to push high viscosity fluids through the system. As a result these low viscosity units operate primarily in “bypass” mode where little if any of the high-viscosity oil gets filtered.

That is where Trico’s High-Viscosity Filter Cart System comes in. This system is specifically designed for high-viscosity fluids associated mainly with gear oils and can filter oils up to 7500 SUS @ 100ºF (1600 cSt @ 40ºC).

To ensure that the equipment receives the cleanest oil possible, for increased equipment life, Trico’s High-Viscosity Filter Cart System provides two-stage filtration. The oil flows through the primary filter first, where coarse particulate is removed. Then the fluid flows through the secondary filter where fine particulate and water are removed.

A variety of filter media elements are available to meet recommended manufacturer cleanliness levels.


  • Bypass Valve – Allows transfer of oil without filtering.
  • Oil Sampling Ports – Two sampling ports available to monitor condition of oil.
  • Quad Filters – Four filter elements for increased holding capacity
  • Industrial Strength Tires – Wide tires capable of getting over large grate gaps.
  • Differential Pressure Gauges – Indicates when elements need to be changed.
  • Heavy Duty Cart – Rugged and built to last.
  • Hose & Wand Assembly – Heavy-duty hydraulic hoses with 3 ft long metal wands.
  • Drip Pan – Keeps work area safe and clean.

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Instruction Sheets




Model No.DescriptionMotor Type
36933High-Viscosity Filter Cart - PneumaticPneumatic
36970High-Viscosity Filter Cart - ElectricElectric
36998High-Viscosity Filter Cart - Electric220V 50 Hz
Pump Type Industrial Grade Gear Pump
Motor Type Electric or Pneumatic
Flow Capacity 4 GPM – Electric #36970
3.5 GPM – Electric #36998
3.0 GPM – Pneumatic #36933
Pump Speed 1 -1/2 HP @ 1750 RPM – Electric #36970
1-1/2 HP @ 1425 RPM – Electric #36998
Max 4 HP @ 3000 RPM Variable – Pneumatic #36933
Maximum Inlet Vacuum 8″ of Mercury
Hose Sizing 1″ Suction and Discharge Line @ 6′ Long
Max. Operating Temperature 200ºF (93ºC)
Pump By-Pass 105 PSI
Filter By-Pass 43 PSI
Maximum Viscosity 1600 cSt @ 40ºF / 7500 SUS
Seal and Gasket Material Viton®
Electrical Service Required  115V, 20 Amps, Single Phase, 60 Hz  or 220V – 50 Hz (electric version only)
Air Inlet Connection 1/4″ NPT Female (pneumatic version only)
Max. Operating Pressure 100 PSI (pneumatic version only)
Weight 140 lbs – Electric
156 lbs – Pneumatic
Dimensions 28″W x 21″D x 48″H

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