Guardian Desiccant Breather

Guardian Desiccant Breather

The Guardian has a modular platform that allows industry to configure the necessary breather for nearly any application and life expectancy. This makes better use of inventory dollars and ensures that every maintenance dollar is used wisely.

It is manufactured from Tritan® that provides impact, temperature and chemical resistance and is also BPA free. Incoming air is directed through the filters and desiccant, but all exhaust air is expelled directly out to atmosphere, thus elongating the life of the desiccant and breather.

The top check valves are on the inlet and the bottom check valves are on the outlet. When the breather is in static conditions (no air movement) the check valves prevent ambient air from coming into contact with the desiccant, thus extending breather life.

Because of the modular design feature, the Guardian has an optional Stack Ring, which allows multiple cartridges to be stacked atop each other for longer breather life and higher moisture removal capabilities. It also means less servicing and maintenance costs. The replaceable cartridge can be a combination of desiccant, HEPA grade .3 micron filter, molecular sieve for low humidity conditions, and activated carbon for fume and odor removal depending on what the application requires.


  • Constructed of Tritan® (BPA free plastic) for chemical, temperature, and impact resistance.
  • Includes isolation check valve to protect desiccant from exhaust air, splashing fluids, and harmful vapors.
  • Modular design allows for more than one cartridge to be used in a single installation extending service life, reduce costs and maintenance intervals (molecular sieve, activated carbon, HEPA filter).
  • Integrated gauge for visual indication of intake and exhaust pressure conditions.
  • Manifold kits available to allow up to four breathers on a piece of equipment.
  • Cap available to provide barrier where frequent washdowns occur.

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Model No.DescriptionHeightDiaConnectionSilica Gel VolumeWater Capacity
39170Guardian Breather9 in5.125 in1" NPT Female1.5 lb9.2 fluid oz
39171Guardian Breather9 in5.125 in2" NPT Female1.5 lb9.2 fluid oz
39172Guardian Breather9 in5.125 in1" BSP Female1.5 lb9.2 fluid oz
39173Guardian Breather12 in5.125 in1" NPT Female2.8 lb17.2 fluid oz
39174Guardian Breather12 in5.125 in2" NPT Female2.8 lb17.2 fluid oz
39175Guardian Breather12 in5.125 in1" BSP Female2.8 lb17.2 fluid oz
39176Guardian Breather16 in5.125 in1" NPT Female4.5 lb27.6 fluid oz
39177Guardian Breather16 in5.125 in2" NPT Female4.5 lb27.6 fluid oz
39178Guardian Breather16 in5.125 in1" BSP Female4.5 lb27.6 fluid oz
Check Valves In/Out 0.1 PSI
Maximum Air Flow 25 CFM
Maximum Fluid Flow 187 GPM
Type of Medium Silica Gel
Material Tritan® (BPA free)


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