Grease Fitting Washers

Grease Fitting Washers

Too often the wrong grease is put into the wrong piece of equipment, which can cause an incompatibility problem that can quickly lead to bearing failure. Avoid cross contamination and misapplication with Trico’s Grease Fitting Washers. Trico’s Grease Fitting Washers, when used in combination with Trico’s Grease Gun Bands, ensure you are receiving the right product in the right amount at the right location.


Color grease fitting washers are available in two sizes to fit 1/8 NPT or 1/4-28 grease fittings. Choose from red, yellow, green, blue, orange, and purple grease fitting washers to indicated grease type or relubrication frequency. Available in bags of 10 washers, all one color. Made from Buna-N material.
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Model No.DescriptionGrease Fitting SizeColor
37028Grease Fitting Washer1/4-28Yellow
37029Grease Fitting Washer1/4-28Green
37030Grease Fitting Washer1/4-28Red
37031Grease Fitting Washer1/4-28Blue
37042Grease Fitting Washer1/4-28Purple
37059Grease Fitting Washer1/4-28Orange
37032Grease Fitting Washer1/8 NPTYellow
37033Grease Fitting Washer1/8 NPTGreen
37034Grease Fitting Washer1/8 NPTRed
37035Grease Fitting Washer1/8 NPTBlue
37043Grease Fitting Washer1/8 NPTPurple
37060Grease Fitting Washer1/8 NPTOrange

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