DL Magnum

DL Magnum Spray Cooling System

The DL Magnum Spray Cooling System provides cooling solutions for light duty machining and tool room applications. This dispenser is easy to install requiring only shop air and dropping the siphon line into a coolant tank.

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  • Siphon delivery system
  • 15 in. heavy duty metal nozzle conduit
  • Advanced nozzle design for increased chip clearing power and reduced overspray
  • Independent air and liquid controls
  • 6 ft. coolant pickup line with stainless steel filter
  • Sturdy 60 lb. mounting magnet
  • Check valve minimizes delay of fluid upon start-up
  • BSPT threads are available

DL Magnum Spray Cooling Systems are designed to be used with a water-soluble coolant such as TC-1 Premium Synthetic Coolant.

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Instruction Sheets


Model No.DescriptionConnectionUnit Type
30632DL Magnum1/4 NPTWithout 1 qt Tri-Cool Coolant
30633DL Magnum1/4 NPTWith 1 qt Tri-Cool Coolant
30634DL Magnum1/4 BSPTWithout 1 qt Tri-Cool Coolant
30635DL Magnum1/4 BSPTWith 1 qt Tri-Cool Coolant
Valve Body Plated Brass
Seals Buna-N
Siphon Line Polyurethane
Filter Element 40 x 40 Mesh Stainless Steel
Pressure 60-120 PSI
Air Inlet 1/4″ NPT or 1/4″ BSPT
Fluid type Water based coolants suitable for spray cooling

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