Color-Coded Safety Straps

Color-Coded Safety Straps

All EZI-action Drum Pumps come standard with a white safety strap, which locks the pump handle in the closed position to prevent accidental discharge of liquids when not in use. Optional color-coding of the safety strap, when used in conjunction with fluid transferring and dispensing containers, such as Spectrum Oil Containers, minimize the risk of fluid cross-contamination and ensures the right lubricant is used in your equipment.


The color-coded safety straps are used with the EZI-action Drum Pumps. They are available in six colors; red, orange, yellow, green, and purple.
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Model No.DescriptionColor
36983Safety StrapYellow
36984Safety StrapRed
36985Safety StrapBlue
36986Safety StrapGreen
36987Safety StrapOrange
36988Safety StrapPurple

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