Closed System Opto-Matic Constant Level Oiler w/Sight Gauge

Closed System Opto-Matic Constant Level Oiler with Sight Gauge

The Closed System Opto-Matic Oiler is designed for all types of equipment where a constant level in an oil housing must be maintained. The closed system design prevents contamination and spillage. The adjustable collar allows the oil level to be externally adjusted to the desired level. A 1/8” NPT port is provided for a vent line back to the housing to allow pressure balancing between the oiler and the housing.

There are two different versions of the adjustable collar. They are distinguished by color and adjustability range they have. The zinc die cast collar has slots on each side of the collar to allow for height adjustment and is kept in place by two set screws.

The anodized red collar has seven independent holes, each identified by a letter designation A through G. These holes are on both sides of the collar, offset from side to side by 1/8” increment holes. This helps SOP writers to identify a specific lettered to adjust the oiler to. In addition, the independent holes provide a positive stop when putting the reservoir assembly back on after filling.


  • One piece glass reservoir ensures proper constant level function. Compared to competitive models, there is no possibility of air leakage that would cause overfilling of the housing.
  • Adjustable level setting allows use in many applications
  • Bottom of adjusting collar indicates actual oil level setting for easy set-up and maintenance
  • Side and bottom connections for simplified installation
  • Two inch sight gauge available for easy viewing of oil level

Color-code Closed System Opto-Matic Oilers to match lubricant dispensing containers, such as Spectrum Oil Containers, to avoid cross-contamination and misapplication of lubricant.

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Instruction Sheets




Model No.DescriptionCapacityAdjustmentDim ADim B (min)Dim B (max)Connection
30203Closed System Oiler4 ozSlot2-11/16"7-1/16"7-13/16"1/4 NPT
30205Closed System Oiler8 ozSlot3-3/16"8"8-3/4"1/4 NPT
30210Closed System Oiler16 ozSlot4-1/8"8-7/8"9-5/8"1/4 NPT
40203Closed System Oiler4 oz1/8" increment holes2-11/16"7-1/16"7-13/16"1/4 NPT
40205Closed System Oiler8 oz1/8" increment holes3-3/16"8"8-3/4"1/4 NPT
40210Closed System Oiler16 oz1/8" increment holes4-1/8"8-7/8"9-5/8"1/4 NPT
Max. Operating Temp. 250ºF Continuous
Reservoir One-Piece Glass Bottle
Upper Casting Zinc
Lower Body Zinc
Adjusting Collar Zinc or Anodized Aluminum
O-Ring Viton®

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