1/2″ Nozzle Lid

1/2″ Nozzle Lid – Spectrum Oil Containers

The 1/2″ Nozzle Lids is  ideal for use with oils having viscosities up to ISO 460 or where precise pouring is required. All Spectrum Oil Container lids are interchangeable with containers.

  • Easy twist open and close nozzles
  • Nozzle on each lid contains textured areas that provide a comfortable slip-resistant grip


The 1/2″ Nozzle Lid is part of the Spectrum Oil Containers line of products that provide a simple, easy-to-use and error-free solution to identify, store, transport and dispense lubricants. They offer users an excellent way to keep fluids free from dust, dirt, water and other machine damaging contaminants. They play an important role in the lubrication supply chain, especially between bulk containers and top-off points, which industry experts indicate to be the most common source of contamination.
  • Color coded on/off breather vent
  • Square design allows for stability when using hand pump
  • Ergonomically contoured containers to fit forearm
  • Up to 100 color options with combination of lid and vent colors
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Model No.DescriptionColor
344101/2" Nozzle LidYellow
344111/2" Nozzle LidRed
344121/2" Nozzle LidBlue
344131/2" Nozzle LidGreen
344141/2" Nozzle LidBlack
344151/2" Nozzle LidOrange
344161/2" Nozzle LidPurple
344171/2" Nozzle LidGray
344181/2" Nozzle LidTan
344191/2" Nozzle LidDark Green

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